CAC-FRAS Coordination Council composition*


  1. Representative from Armenia
  2. Representative from Azerbaijan
  3. Representative from Georgia
  4. Representative from Kazakhstan
  5. Representative from the Kyrgyz Republic
  6. Representative from Tajikistan
  7. Representative from Turkmenistan
  8. Representative from Uzbekistan
  9. Chairperson of the CAC-FRAS Audit Committee
  10. Representative of agricultural education system
  11. Representative of agricultural research system
  12. Representative of advanced national extension systems
  13. Representative of donors organizations
  14. GFRAS representative
  15. Chairperson


* The composition of CAC-FRAS Coordination Council will be renewed, including the representatives of national agricultural sector governance representatives and new member countries at the next CAC-FRAS meeting by the decision of CAC-FRAS General Assembly