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Annual Meetings


CAC-FRAS's annual meetings are central events for the Network, for exchanging experiences on rural extension services among members and for discussing strategic issues.

Efforts are made to alternate the venue of the meetings among the various Latin American countries. Countries or institutions that are interested in hosting meetings may apply by means of a letter of interest addressed to the Executive Secretariat of the network. Likewise, CAC-FRAS may invite or propose countries to apply as venues for the meetings. In any case, the Steering Committee will be the one that selects the venue for the meetings.

Participation in meetings is open to all members. The organization of the annual meeting is coordinated by an Organizing Committee generally made up of: the host country/institution, the Executive Secretariat and a member of the Steering Committee.  

Registration in CAC-FRAS

CAC-FRAS members can be individual members (natural persons) or institutional members (legal entities).