Learning materials of the USAID Agro Horizon project

The USAID Agro Horizon Project partners with the private sector to generate investment and establish commercial relationships in the agriculture sector of the Kyrgyz Republic. These partnerships with local agribusiness enterprises expand and upgrade production, processing, storage and trading of agricultural products and services to the agriculture sector in South Kyrgyzstan and Naryn Oblast. You can find more information on USAID Agro Horizon on its Facebook Page.

Agro Horizon’s agribusiness partners as a pre-condition for business success and efficient use of new facilities and equipment established with project support, need supply of farm products in the right quantity, quality and at the right time. A range of them faced problems with their farm product supply base. Therefore, Agro Horizon provided support to potential and current supplier farmers to improve productivity and quality of the respective products.

Within the framework of these farm product supply base development interventions, best practices for production of a range of crops and for milk production in winter were developed. The project packed these best practices in a series of learning brochure, manuals and videos for farmers. In total 14 videos and 11 brochures/manuals and 1 poster were published. All materials are in Kyrgyz; the videos in addition have Russian subtitles.


1. 10 tips for improved productivity of fruit trees
2. Apricot production
3. Milk production in winter
4. Fodder beet
5. Maize silage
6. Soybean
7. Safflower
8. Garlic
9. Greenhouses for mountainous areas
10. Apple rootstock management
11. Hybrid maize
12. Assessment of feed status of cattle (poster)