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What is CAC FRAS?

The Public Foundation ‘CAC-FRAS’ was registered on April 25, 2018 in Kyrgyzstan Republic and established in accordance with the Constitution of the Kyrgyzstan Republic, the Civil Code of the Kyrgyzstan Republic, the Law of the Kyrgyzstan Republic “On Non-Profit Organizations” and other regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyzstan Republic. CAC-FRAS registration #173621-3300-OR at the Ministry of Justice of Kyrgyz Republic. The Foundation for the CAS-FRAS is thus a non-profit organization established on the basis of voluntary non-governmental property and non-property contributions, pursuing social, charitable, research, cultural, educational and other socially useful purposes.


Impact level goals the forum contribute to through the facilitation of agricultural innovations, participatory process towards:
     • improving people’s welfare
     • improving food security and nutrition
     • improve the health of the rural population, and
     • improvement of the ecological situation


• Broad and targeted advocacy on the important role of extension in Agicultural Innovation Systems (AIS)
• Efficient, systematic and sustainable links between extension, education and research, as well as other AIS actors
• Creation of favorable environment (space and platform) for the cooperation between countries in different segments of AIS, public, private sectors and CSOs.

Our Mission

CAC-FRAS provides assistance and technical leadership on rural advisory services in accordance with regional and national development priorities.

Our Mission

CAC-FRAS serves as a platform for bringing together all stakeholder groups (research, education, farmers, policy makers etc.), coordination of activities and knowledge sharing among them, strengthening the role of RAS in developing and introducing innovative agricultural systems, strengthening institutional development and upgrading of the legal basis (relevant to extension and rural advisory services and agricultural innovation) at regional and national levels.